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High quality fruits candied by slow osmotic infusion

Candied Fruits

  • Profile: whole or halves, chopped, cubes, slices, strips, quarters, zest, pastes. Drained, glazed or in syrup. With or without flavoring, with or without coloring agent, with or without preservatives, with or without dextrose. Range with natural flavors and natural coloring agents available

  • Application: for use in fillings and decorations for chocolate, confectionery, pastry, cookie, bakery, cereal bars, ice cream; also for foodservice, packers and retailers

  • Variants: cherry, amarena cherry, maraschino cherry, orange, lemon, mixed cubes for cakes, citron-cédrat, melon, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, ginger, clementine, pear, fig, apricot, plum, angelica, etc…

  • Packaging: bucket 200 g, box 1 kg, cartons 3-4-5-10 and 12.5 kg

  • Production: France

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